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GP Training Practice     

We are delighted that Oakwood Medical Clinic is a GP specialist training scheme teaching practice. Dr Lavery has been a trainer for the Dublin Mid-Leinster (UCD) GP Specialist Training Scheme for a number of years and Dr Black has recently been appointed as a trainer for the North Dublin Training Scheme.

GP Registrars from both schemes will come to work on rotation with us, as part of their final year(s) of specialist training.

GP Registrars are fully qualified doctors who have completed their work experience in hospital medicine and are now expanding their knowledge of medicine in the community.

We value our opportunity to work with them, to gain from their up-to-date hospital experience and also enable them to develop as family doctors of the future.

We may also occasionally welcome medical students, as part of their clinical practice training.

Some of our doctors are college lecturers and all of the doctors welcome the opportunity clinical supervision gives them to share their knowledge & skills. Sometimes these students may sit in with the doctors during a consultation.


If you would prefer that a student wasn’t present just let reception know.