Small amounts of alcohol can actually be beneficial to health. Large quantities, especially on a regular basis, can have serious harmful effects. The recommended safe limit is 17 units a week for men and 11 units for women. A unit being approximately – half a pint of beer, a glass of wine, or a single measure of spirit. This accepted maximum presumes that the consumption is spread throughout the week and not consumed all at once in a ‘binge’.

Healthy diets help fight off disease and make you look and feel good. Unhealthy diet can lead to serious health problems including: heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.


Regular exercise has both physical and mental benefits.


Chances are you weigh more than you should, straining your heart, muscles & joints.

Stress, Tension or Anxiety can affect your physical or mental health.

Giving up is all about motivation; You must want to stop, rather than feel you should. Without the real desire to stop you will be unable to succeed. Every cigarette you smoke can shorten your life by an average of five and a half minutes.


Following a healthy lifestyle will not only make you feel better; it can help improve your immune system – reducing the risk of getting seriously ill; Steps to consider include:


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