Health Promotion

If you notice a lump, change in a mole or abnormal bleeding you should make an appointment to have this checked by a Doctor. If you have persistent problems such as, a cough, hoarseness, change in bowel habit or unexplained weight loss, these should also prompt a review with a doctor. It is recommended that women check their breasts regularly, have a mammogram and cervical smear test done in accordance with Health Guidelines. Men should check their testicles periodically and discuss any prostatic symptoms with their Doctor. Wearing sun protection, examining your skin for changes, and stopping smoking are simple risk reduction measures.

Lifestyle Advice – Please make an appointment to discuss any concerns.

One of the best things you can do for your health: Smoking cessation advice is available to help smokers stop smoking. Apart from general advice, support and encouragement, we can offer prescriptions for nicotine replacement or other medication proven to help smokers stop – such as Zyban or Champix.

Please make an appointment with a doctor or nurse in the clinic.
Alternatively a smoking cessation clinic is available in Connolly Hospital.
Contact: 01 6465075


A Dietetic service is available by appointment.


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