Oakwood Medical Clinic is a modern fully computerised practice. Medical records are all kept securely on computer files. Our Data is safely backed up on off-site servers in Ireland.

We ask for personal information about you, so that you can receive the best possible care and treatment. We keep this information together with details of your medical care, to ensure that the Doctor, Nurse or other Health Care Professionals have accurate and up to date information.

Medical Records are maintained in absolute confidentiality, subject to any provisions for disclosure imposed or allowed by law. There are times when we have to pass on information about you to other people, such as HSE, Hospitals, etc. This is always done confidentially or by removing your identifying details when they are not essential.

Patient Medical Information, (e.g. Test Results), will not be disclosed to anyone, (including Family Members), unless previously agreed by the Doctor and Patient, in order to protect confidentiality. If you have consented to contact from the clinic by text message or of if we need to write to you, then it is your responsibility to maintain up-to-date contact details.

Everyone working for the clinic has a duty to maintain the highest level of confidentiality about patient information.