We want to give you the best quality service possible if you attend our clinic. As a practice we are always working to improve our services for patients. To provide the best possible service we need to know when things go wrong, or if we are not meeting your needs. Whilst we strive to offer an excellent service at all times, we recognise that, on occasion, things may go wrong. Everyone, whatever their business or profession, makes mistakes from time to time, and it is important to learn from these mistakes. We review every incident that comes to our attention, and aim to make appropriate changes where a lesson may be learned from what has happened – to avoid further similar problems in the future.

We would welcome any constructive comments or ideas to improve patient care.

We want to hear from you, if, for example:

  • You are not satisfied with the standard of service you have received
  • You have not received a service you think you should have
  • You feel that you have not been treated politely and with respect
  • You feel that your rights have not been respected.

 The quickest way to get a problem sorted out is by explaining it at the point of service.

If you have any concerns please discuss them with a member of staff at the time so we can try to resolve them immediately. If you wish to put a complaint or a comment in writing please contact the Practice Manager, Niamh Curley, at the clinic address or by email at [email protected]

Unhappy with our service? We want to hear from you.

Complaints Procedure

What will happen when I complain?
If you wish to raise a concern, please discuss it with our Receptionist in the first instance. He or she will try to resolve it for you.

Verbal Complaints

If you are not satisfied that your concern has been resolved by the Receptionist you can raise it as a verbal complaint asking the Receptionist to arrange a telephone appointment (or face-to-face conversation) with the Practice Manager. This will be facilitated within 5 working days. If the verbal response from the Practice Manager is not satisfactory, you can put your concern in writing requesting us to investigate your complaint.

Written Complaints

Stage 1 –If you make a written complaint, we will contact you within five working days of receiving your complaint to acknowledge your communication. A full response will be given in writing within 15 days following relevant investigations. If, for any reason, your complaint is going to take longer than 15 days to sort out, you will get an explanation and date by which you should get a full response.

Stage 2 – If the first response is not satisfactory, you can request us to investigate your complaint further at a multidisciplinary team meeting. You will receive our further response within ten working days of receipt of your written request.
Stage 3 – If the matter has not been resolved satisfactorily by stage 2, we would then have the option to refer the complaint to our Medical Indemnity Advisor for further comment.
Stage 4 – Taking your complaint further : if you are not happy with the final response that you receive from us, you can request that the Medical Council investigate your complaint.
We take the concept of quality very seriously. We welcome your views, as we can only improve on what we do, if we listen and react to what our patients tell us.